Social Change and Development

Index Vol I- Vol III

Vol. I 2002

  • An Analysis of Growth of Deposit and Credit of Commercial Banks in Assam-Saswati Choudhury
  • Anomie in Assam : The Perilous Perspectives- A.N.S. Ahmed
  • Ethnicity : Issues and Approached- Archana Upadhyay
  • Saga of the Assamese Middle Class- Amalendu Guha
  • The Question of Autonomy for the Plain Tribes of Assam- Bhupen Sarmah
  • The Tea Industry of Assam : Its Linkages with the State Economy- Atul Goswami
  • Urban Basic Services and the Issues of the State Society Synergy: Cases from Urban Areas of Assam- Kalyan Das
  • Violence and Development- Vandana Upadhyay
  • Women in Conflict Situation : A Case Study of Assam- Anuradha Dutta

Vol. II 2004

  • Abortion: Dynamics of Women's Right to Choose- Indranee Dutta
  • Accommodating the Extra-urbanites: Transitional Agenda for Spatital Planning Mapping India's Urban Policy onto Global Changes and Challenges- Joydeep Baruah
  • Citizens and Denizens: Ethnicity, Homelands and Crisis of Displacement in Northeast India- Sanjib Baruah
  • Emergence of Entrepreneurship in Assam: A Note in History- Gorky Chakraborty
  • Fundamentalism, Jihad and Islam- A.N.S. Ahmed
  • Migration to Assam: 1951-1991- Atul Goswami, Homeswar Goswami, Anil Saikia
  • Perspective on Family and Gender with Focus on India and Germany- Anuradha Dutta
  • Re-examining the Proposal of Transferring the Surplus Water from the Brahmaputra - the Major River System in the Northeast- Ratna Bhuyan
  • Regional Self-sufficiency for Production for Food Security: The Case of India's Northeastern Region- M P Bezbaruah
  • Religious and Ethnic Politics as Impediments to Nation-building in South Asia- Partha S Ghosh
  • Some Highlights of the Economic History of Northeast India- J B Ganguly
  • Trade Unionism or Collective Efficiency: Wellbeing at the Unorganised Plantation Labour Market in Assam- Kalyan Das
  • Transaction Cost and Asymmetry of Information-Twin Odds of Indian Commercial Banks in Rural Credit Market: Theoretical Fragility- Saswati Choudhury

Vol. III 2005

  • Critique of the Theory of Neo-liberal State- Akhil Ranjan Dutta
  • Deepening Decentralised Governance in Rural India: Lessons from Peoples' Plan Initiative of Kerala- M A Oommen
  • Empowering Rural Women through Micro Enterprise Development- Falendra K Sudan
  • Growth and Instability Analysis of India's Manufacturing Sector- R K Kaundal
  • Reservation Policy: Continuity and Change- Jagannath Ambagudia
  • Role of Elected Women Representatives in Evolving Alternative Governance at the Grassroots- G Palanithurai
  • Sex Selection and New Paradigm of Development- Vibhuti Patel
  • The National Question and Quest for Political Stability in Nigeria- Eghosa E Osaghae
  • Towards an Integrated Relationship- A N S Ahmed
  • TRIPS and Pharmaceutical Industry in India- Arijit Dutta

  • Current Issue

    VOL XIII (July 2016)
    • Consumption Smoothing and Climate Extremes: Evidence from a Farm Household Survey in Coastal Odisha, India: Chandra Sekhar Bahinipati
      | Download |
    • Employment, Rights and Security at Work: Case of Adolescent and Young Women in India: Vibhuti Patel
      | Download |
    • Does Increasing Longevity Lead Increasing Disability? Evidence from Indian States: Nandita Saikia and Jayanta Kumar Bora
      | Download |
    • Ethnicity and Autonomy: Unending Political Process in Mizoram: Joseph K Lalfakzuala
      | Download |
    • Rhetoric and Reality of Public-Private Partnerships in India: A case study of Bangalore Agenda Task Force: Harsha S
      | Download |
    • Mental Health, Gender and Society: The Social-Epidemiological Connect: Nandarani Choudhury and Kedilezo Kikhi
      | Download |
    • A Social History of Second World War: Raj Kumar Thakur
      | Download |
    • Contextualising Northeast India in Look East Policy: Akshay Jyoti Sarma
      | Download |
    • The Problematic Relationship between Culture and Ethnicity: Dwijen Sharma
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