Social Change and Development

Vol IV-Vol VI

Vol. IV 2006

  • Deregulation, Output Growth and Structural Changes: A Comparative Study of West Bengal and Gujrat- Panchanan Das
  • Development, Resource Use and Peoples' Movement: Making Sense of the Environmental Movements in India- Siba Prasad Panda
  • Dynamics of Population, Forest and Development: A Linkages in the Northeast- Mohua Guha, Aparajita Chattopadhyay
  • Good Governance and Third World Development Implication for Coalition Politics in India- Jagadish K Patnaik
  • Human Rights Movement in India: State, Civil Society and Beyond- Ajay Gudavarthy
  • Knowledge-based Industries: The Key to Development for the Northeast Indian States like Tripura- Ashish Nath
  • Occupational Structure and Gender Based Segregation in Northeast India: The Case of Arunachal Pradesh- Aparimita Mishra
  • On Civil Society- M N Sanil
  • Perspective on Socio-political Issues in Water Use: A Review of Studies in the Indian Context- Manoj T Thomas
  • Studying the Ways of Growing Old: An Evaluation Sociology of Old Age- Sri Krishnan
  • Working Children around the World: Child Rights and Child Reality- Pankaj Das

Vol. V 2007

  • Charting out a Case for Development Ethics- Wasudha Bhatt
  • Conceptualising Sustainable Farm-Livelihood System in the Era of Globalisation: A Study of Rubber Integrated System in Northeast India- P K Viswanathan, G P Sivakoti
  • Economic Discrimination in the Process of Globalisation- L C Mallaiah, K B Ratna Kumari
  • Family Formation among Caste Groups in Andhra Pradesh: An Analysis of Birth and Marriage Cohorts- P Ramesh
  • Future of Muslim Community in Electoral Politics of Assam- Manoj Kumar Nath
  • Gender, Patriarchy and Electoral Politics in Nagaland- Toshimenla Jamir
  • Growth and Structural Change: A Time Series Analysis in West Bengal- Panchanan Das
  • Labour Productivity and Wages in Indian Unorganised Manufacturing Sector- Anupama
  • Prevalence of Anaemia among Women: A Comparative View of Scheduled Tribes and Others- Sibabrata Das
  • Supporting the Elderly in India: Some Evidence of Gender-Disparity- A K Nanda
  • The 'Village' in Post Colonial Discourse: India as a Case Study- Sibsankar Jena

Vol. VI 2009

  • The Historical Unfolding of Freedom and Equality in India- Javeed Alam
  • Inclusive Growth in India: Issues, Policies and Challenges- S. Mahendra Dev
  • Getting Foothold in Politics: Women in Political Decision Making Process- Vibhuti Patel
  • Defining Ambedkarism- Samir Kumar Mohapatra
  • Contesting the Nation: Borders, Ethnicities and International Relations in India's Northeast- Samir Kumar Das
  • Aspirations and Anxieties towards Sub-Regional Cooperation: Northeast India- Saswati Choudhury
  • Export From Northeast India: Status and Challenges Ahead- Anindita Adhikary, Bedanta Bora, Sujit Sikidar
  • Prospects of Employment Generation through the Rural Non-Farm Sector in Assam- Biswajit Choudhury
  • Voting Behaviour: A Study of Women Voters in Nagaland- Moamenla Amer
  • Planning at the Grassroots: An Experiment with Integrated District Planning- Joydeep Baruah

  • Current Issue

    VOL XIV (July 2017)
    • Demonetisation 2.0: Aims and Achievements Atul sarma
      | Download |
    • State of Finances of the Autonomous District Councils in Meghalaya Sumarbin Umdor,Bashemphang R. Syiem
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    • Tripura: A Chronicle of Politicisation of the Refugees and Ethnic Tribals Anindita Ghoshal
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    • Conceptual Framework for Comprehending Crimes of ‘Honour’ in India: Empirical Evidences from Haryana Neelam Jain
      | Download |
    • Labour Market Conditions of Natural Rubber Plantations in Tripura: An Inquiry Pradip Chouhan,Indraneel Bhowmik
      | Download |
    • Potato Productivity and its Determinants: A Case Study in Sonitpur District, Assam Maila Lama, Rimjim Bordoloi
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    • Of Urban Street Vendors and their Struggles Babu P Remesh
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    • Need of a Comprehensive National Migration Policy Dil Bahadhur Gurung
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    • Reading Discontent in Contemporary Feminism Arunima Deka
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