Social Change and Development

Vol VII-Vol XI

Vol. VII 2010

  • Outside the grid of Secularism: Alternative Readings of the present India- Nivedita Menon
  • Genealogies of Globalization: Unpacking the "Universal" History of Capital- Aditya Nigam
  • State vis-à-vis Human Security: Accommodating People's voice in Conflict Zones- Nanigopal Mahanta
  • Planning at the Grassroots: Constitutional Provisions and Efficacy of Gram Sabhas- Bhupen Sarmah
  • Rural Non-Farm Employment in Assam and Its Correlates: A District Level Analysis- Niranjan Roy,Sagarika Dey
  • Women Collectives and Matrilineality : Paradigms of Empowerment- N. Vijaylakshmi Brara
  • Labour Factor in Sustaining a Competitive Environment: Drawing Implications from Labour Standard and Labour Supply in Tea Plantations of Sri Lanka- Kalyan Das
  • Limitation of Law as an Instrument of Social Change: The Child labour Act in India- Binoy Goswami
  • Women and Violence in Contemporary Indian Writing: Vijay Tendlukar's Kamala and Manjula Padmanabhan's Lights Out- Saurabhi Sarmah
  • Social Development Approach: Globalization versus Indigenous Context-- Looking through the Indian situation: A Note- Uddalak Datta
  • Book Review: Specters that Continue to Haunt- Tilottoma Misra

Vol VIII 2011

Vol IX 2012

  • The Forest Villages of Assam- Indrani Sarma
  • Inclusive Growth under India's Neo-liberal Regime: Towards and Exposition- Joydeep Baruah
  • Neo-liberal Paradigm of Development and Challenges of Health Security: India in Contemporary Perspective- Akhil Ranjan Dutta
  • Economic Growth and Women's Empowerment: Evaluating Two Lead Sectors in Goa: Tourism and Mining- Shaila Desouza,Pranab Mukhopadhyay
  • Looking into the Tragedy of Becoming a Borderland- Abikal Bora

Vol. X No. 2 (July 2013)

  • Reforming Health Policy- Ravi Duggal
  • Trade Reforms and Crisis in Plantation- P K Viswanathan, Amita Shah
  • Production Growth and Technology- Soma Dhar, Niranjan Roy
  • Functioning of Village Councils- Uddipan Dutta, Bhupen Sarmah
  • Determinants of Poor Education- Ira Das
  • Informal Credit System and Fishermen- Soumen Ray
  • Book Reviews- Uddipan Dutta & Arup Kumar Deka

VOL XI No. 1 (January 2014)

  • Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth: With Special Reference to Northeast India- Atul Sarma
  • Prospects of Contract Farming in India's North-East: Insights from a Micro Study in West Bengal - Himanshu Narayan Prasad
  • Caste, Class and Recognition of Backwardness: A Field Level Study of Rural West Bengal- Manik Bhattacharya
  • Heterogeneity in India's Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sector: The Issue of Finance- Nivedita Goswami
  • Land Revenue and Commercialisation of Coffee Cultivation in the Princely Mysore State: 1800-1881- V.K. Sridhar
  • The Kyong Naga Procedures of Land Dispute Settlement- C. Lankonthung Lotha
  • Of Pills and Politics: Contraceptives and Women in Assam- Arunima Deka
  • Ethno-based Students Politics in Assam: Understanding the Role of All Rabha Students' Union in the Movement for Rabha Autonomy- Akshay Jyoti Sarma, Dhrubajyoti Das
  • Northeast India: The AFSPA and the Saga of Continuing Alienation!- Amit Banerjee
  • Book Review - Education for Capability- Binayak Dutta

VOL XI No. 2 (July 2014)

  • Land Relations in the Tribal Societies of Meghalaya: Changing Patterns of Land Use and Ownership -Deigracia Nongkynri
  • An Evaluation of National Highway Network Expansion Policy in India during 1951-2011 - Subir Kumar Sen
  • Assessing Characteristic Differential in Dichotomous Outcomes: A Case of Child Undernourishment - Rudra N. Mishra, Udaya S. Mishra
  • The Mising Movement in Assam: Awaited Accord and Unanswered Questions - Pankaj Bora
  • Political Expression of Satras:Walking a Long Distance - Priti Salila Rajkhowa
  • Out-Migration and Its Bearing on Left-Behind Woman: Case in a Jharkhand village - Bhaskar Kumar Kakati
  • Impact of Self Help Groups in Empowering Women: A Study of Rural Assam - Mofidul Islam, Jayanta Krishna Sarmah
  • Operation of Backward Regions Grant Fund in Assam: Decentralised Planning or Populist Strategy? - Monjit Borthakur
  • In Search of an Ordered Landscape - Indrani Sarma
  • The Demographic Question in the Char Areas of Assam - Gorky Chakraborty
  • Hidden in History: Women in Northeast India - Arunima Deka

  • Current Issue

    VOL XV (July 2018)
    • The ‘Peasant’ in History: Evolution of the Concept and Changes in the Post-colonial Economic Rajan Pandey
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    • From Agriculture to Non-Farm: Agrarian Change among the Scheduled Castes of Central Assam Sarmistha Das
      | Download |
    • Participation by Tribal farmers from North East Region in Global Value Chain: A Case Study of Ginger in KarbiAnglong Rajib Sutradhar
      | Download |
    • Analysis of Growth and Instability in Area, Production, Yield and Price of Rice in India Ankur Jain
      | Download |
    • Heterogeneity in Diffusion of Better Farm Practices across Different Types of Farmers in the Brahmaputra Plain of Assam Anup Kumar Das
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    • What Determines Farmers’ Decision to Own Water Extracting Devices in Water Abundant Regions? A Study of Groundwater Markets in Assam JituTamuli,Mrinal Kanti Dutta,Payel Priya Kashyap
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    • Composition and Determination of Rural Non-Farm Sector at Household Level-Evidences from Undivided Sonitpur District of AssamMr. Debajit Bhuyan,Prof. Amitava Mitra
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    • Ecology, Economy and Society: the three pillars of Development Monjit Borthakur
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