Digital Archive

Another notable contribution of the institute's peace studies programme is the establishment of a "Digital Archive", a repository of documents pertaining to the social movements of the region. Looking at the advantage of preserving documents for a much longer period with the added advantage of easy search options, the archive has decided to preserve the documents in the soft-format. Presently the archive boasts preserving not only a host of policy documents of the government but also a number of original texts produced by the groups spearheading political movements, newspapers and magazines with ideological tilts, little-magazines which are not to be found in the libraries and newspaper clippings assiduously collected by organizations and individuals. The digital archive of the institute has more than four thousand documents gleaned mostly from the region and basically narrating the region's tumultuous past during the post colonial period. Many new documents have been added to the Archive. Presently, the archive has a number of rare paper cuttings dealing with the conflict related to Assam Movement, a huge cache of documents pertaining to autonomy movements in Assam, some documents published by Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti (MASS) and documents related to coal mining in Garo Hills.

Computer Laboratory

Institute's fully air-conditioned computer lab at present has twenty computers. All the computers run on cable and Wi-Fi LAN. The lab has a centralized UPS and power back-up system. The computer lab is equipped with a very high speed internet connection. The lab has acquired comprehensive GIS set up with the financial support from the ICSSR. The GIS unit is equipped with-

  • One dedicated Xeon Workstation with high graphics ability
  • One quad processor based high end PC with graphics utility
  • One 44 inch broad format Contex Scanner
  • One 44 inch broad Canon Plotter
  • One high graphics ability Notepad
  • One GRAMIN 76 CSX GPS system with antenna

The lab is also equipped with specialised licence software like Arc GIS 9.3 with 3D analyst, Image Processing Software like ENVI 4.6 with DEM extraction module, Statistical Packages like SPSS 13.0, STATA9, Origin and EpiInfo.

Conference Hall

The A/C Conference Hall has a decked out structure with U-shaped sitting arrangement accommodating 80 persons, three big screened Plasma T.Vs, LCD projector, white board, Chairman-Delegate microphone system with recording facilities. The hall is open to other organizations for holding conferences, seminars, symposia etc.


The Institute has a very well equipped classroom with all modern facilities. The sitting capacity of the classroom is 35.

Guest house

The institute has its own guesthouse with state of the art facilities. It can accommodate ten persons at a time. It has also an in-house canteen providing homely food.

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