Health & Education

With the emergence of health and education as two basic components of quality of life and markers of development, these have gained much importance in social science research agenda globally. Both have been identified as major thrust areas of research by the Institute since its inception. The Institute can now boast of carrying out some major path-breaking studies in the region with major policy implications.

  • Recent Studies

    Drop out and Retention Rate at Elementary Stage The study reveals the processes of school drop out by looking at the lived experiences of the dropout children, their teachers and parents. While three interconnected factors, namely, home, school and community were found to have had their specific shares in producing dropout children, a lot of mismatches were observed at the policy level as well.

    State Investment in Education Sector in Assam The Study attempted at examining the investment in elementary and secondary education in Assam and to measure the impact of allocation on the quality of education. It covers the issues of access, teacher related variables, coverage as revealed by enrolment and attendance rates and efficiency of the system.

    Abortion in Mizoram: A Multicentric Study The study focussed on several dimensions of provisions of abortion services together with general healthcare facilities in Mizoram. The study examines myriad issues such as abortion incidences, fulfilment or non-fulfilment of safety measures, qualitative aspects of facilities providing the abortion services, issues of service delivery and quality of the service providers.