Study Reports

  • Property Right and Resource Appropriation: Forest,Local Communities and State Administration in Assam
  • Understanding Sluggish Industrialisation Process in Northeast India
  • On Identification of Backward Blocks
  • The Role of Extremism in Determining the Presence of Tribals in the Urban Areas of a State
  • India's Look East Policy and the North East
  • Intra Regional Disperity in North East India

Vision Document & Perspective Plan Dibrugarh 2025; (2011)
Joydeep Baruah & Bhupen Sarmah
Thereport is based on an action research on decentralised planning. The expert committee guideline on decentralised planning was experimented in action and several challenges were encountered. The report offers ways of overcomming them for envisioning and perspective building.

Mid-Term Appraisal of Eleventh Five Year Plan & Review of Performance of Flagship Programmes- Manipur & Assam; (2011)
Saswati Choudhury
The reports reviewed the plan experience of first three years of 11th plan and sought to identify areas needing corrections. The report also appraised the flagship programmes by highlighting the achievements and shortcommings.

Impact of Training Programmes on Performence of Elected Panchayat Representatives of Assam; (2013)
Saswati Choudhury & Bhupen Sarmah
The report covers the findings of the study of assessing impact of training programmes to panchayat functionaries in Assam. The study reveals that level of awareness is still low and identifies that longer duration training with adequate field exposure is needed for making trainings more effective.

Public Expenditure and Performence of School Education in Assam : The Recent Trends; (2013)
Indranee Dutta & Saswati Choudhury
The study attempts at assessing the impact of allocation in elementary and secondary education on quality education. The study points at various gaps in this respect and suggests a set of remedial measures.